Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Morning!

First of all GOOD MORNING! I have been up for a few hours now working away at assignments and wanted to take this time to blog a little bit.  
So much has been going on as you all know and I wanted to apologize if it seems as though I have been neglecting the page.  I know some may so I haven't been and that it is understandable on why I have not been around but I do feel bad about it. 

Now on the bright side, I am almost done with the last of my assignments and my goal is to have them all done no later than tomorrow evening and believe me when I say THAT IS A LOT OF WORK to get done but I am pleased to say that I have about half of my LAST assignment done which means............

I will be kicking off a giveaway by the weekend for a CARS themed toy! I have a lot of giveaway items and with Christmas coming around the corner quickly I wanted to do things that could help ease the stress of buying gifts, I also listened to what many of you said about wanting to see more stuff for boys but rest assured I did not skip over the girls, I have a couple stockings geared towards little girls! Did I mention I have a few things from Bath and Body works too! OH how I love that store!  

Everything has been purchased out of my own pocket which for me means a lot and I hope that it means something to all of you too.  

Now lets get this Tuesday kicked off and have a FANTASTIC DAY!

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